Baby Ducklings and Fits & Spurts

It's been two weeks since the duckling/skunk excitement. But it has not stopped C from talking about removing the grate and SCOOPING UP the ducklings. Every other night at dinner we're regaled with C's story of how he saved the Ducklings. On the other nights, C has a pretend duckling in his hand, and passes it around to his mom and me so he can eat or amuse his brother.

On our nightly walks around the neighborhood, he makes sure that everyone he meets knows his story of moving the grate and SCOOPING UP the ducklings. I just love the pure joy and unadulterated excitement that he still has for this event 2 weeks later.

In that same two weeks, our youngest son, W (almost 9 months), has gone through a somewhat drastic series of changes. Two weeks ago, his locomotion consisted of largely uncoordinated rolls broken up by whining and grunting. Today, not only can he cross the house faster than the General Lee, he can climb stairs. For 8 months, the kid was immobile. Now we have to get a gate for our stairs.

Two weeks ago, W was just starting to learn how to sign 'more.' Now he knows, and signs (unprovoked) more, cereal, eat, light, and others. Two weeks ago, he was a gummy bear. Now he has two teeth.

I'm constantly being reminded of the quirks of babies and toddlers. They'll be the same person for a couple months, and then have a drastic change in a couple of days. It's amazing how often this happens.

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