The joy of reading

C loves having A and I read to him. This is great. He's very vocal and I'm sure it has a lot to do with his love of reading. But, as a parent, it can be...redundant. We must have 100 or so kids books that I've personally read 100 times each, and it can get old.

I can generally handle that. It's all worthwhile when C starts to read the books on his own from memory. Pretty cool for a 2.5 year old. But every once in a while, C loves a book that for whatever reason annoys me. I thought I'd share with the class some of those books.

Bedtime for Frances: A cute badger has trouble falling asleep. It has to be the longest children's book ever. Every time Mother says something, Father says the same thing. Mother says "Yes." Father says "Yes." The worst part is that Frances is afraid of everything in her room. Now C is following the book, and asking to have his door open. Surely, it will be days before he is worried about giants and tigers.

Rattletrap Car: The book is about a father and his three kids who live down on the farm. It's hot and they want to go to the lake, but their car is worse than a Pinto owned by Tony Stewart. The book itself is ok. But I can't read the book without thinking that the father is the banjo kid from Deliverance all growed up.

Thomas the Train and Diesel 10: Bad train wants to hurt good trains. The short summary is that Diesel 10 wants to kill all steam engines, and the only way to stop him is for Thomas to get some "gold dust" for the engineer. For my money, genocide and drug use are not for kids books.

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Muskyboy said...

You can never get tired of Green Eggs and Ham.