This morning

As I sat in my wife's car driving to work today, I was listening to Mike & Mike in the morning. I was feeling pretty good about the day. The White Sox won (again), Pods got in the All Star game, the local headline guy mentioned WSI (see links). It would be a good day at work. I played well in the cheeseland Poker tournament last night.....and then M&M start talking about London.

Paraphrasing: "We assume if you want to get updates on London, you'll be able to do that easily. So we're going to talk sports." My first thought was "Jesus, no one cares about the Olympics, so stop the London crap already." But then after a second, I figured out that it was something more serious.

London is a great city, and I just hope the damage is as small as possible. As much as 9/11 brought us into the modern age of terrorism as foreign policy by some organizations, this morning's events clarifies what the World Powers are going to have to deal with in the coming future.

Hopefully, the world leaders will focus on the problem of the actual terrorists now. WMD or no WMD, these kinds of people are the real danger to our civilizations and culture. I, for one, need to be convinced by our leadership that they can protect it's citizens from these seemingly unpredictable attacks and are doing their best to root out the terrorists.

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Anonymous said...

There is no way that the US gov or any other gov can give absolute assurance that its citizens are protected from terrorism. If anybody thinks they can, they are a fool.

The best defense is a good offense. Go after countries that are harboring terrorists and beat the hell out of them. Double the efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq, if other countries bitch, fine stop all foreign aid. Screw'em. It's time the U.S. stops worrying about being PC, time to kick some ass.