The new TV season started on Monday. There are now all kinds of new ways to completely waste your time. I've tried to get myself to fire all TV Shows this season. If I don't, I'll get sucked in. TV is like a vortex of non-thought. You start to watch, and it takes a lot of energy just to get up.

So I'm making every effort to fire as many shows as possible. I am resigned to watching LOST. But I am refusing to watch L&O or it's derivatives. I'm going to fire CSI as well. However, the one show I can't fire is CSI Miami.

David Caruso is just too fun to watch. He is a cross between William Shattner and Charlton Heston, but with more flash. Who else could deliver cheese lines like "Some times an accident is MURDER" with more panache than John Kelly er Horatio Caine?

Every time I watch, I picture the cranky William Peterson fuming at how bad the acting is....

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