Baseball Quickie

The White Sox were involved in a controversial play last night. I will skip the argument outlining why it was the right call, and why the Angels were responsible for losing the game. For the uninitiated, an umpire ruled that a ball hit the dirt before the Catcher caught it.

This play is causing a ton of controversy around baseball and it's getting huge national press. With HD TV, and all the electronic media that covered the game, why hasn't anyone posted frame by frame pictures of the ball going into the mitt?

Shouldnt' there be incontrovertible evidence one way or the other? You'd think that since we're living in the information age, the information would be available to us...It's not like it's not out there...someone captured it...

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Anonymous said...

I hope the Sox win, but I think it has been captured that the ball did NOT hit the ground first. Bad call, but that happens in sports.