Dreams for Sale

So I am just recovering from seeing my Dad's parents' farmhouse torn down. Yesterday, after returning home from the 'old country' of Sycamore, I find out that my Mom's parents' house is on sale.

My mind started churning, replaying every episode of Ed over and over.

I think it would be great. 5 acres of lawn mowing fun. Cool attic. Giant wood staircases that the kids would creep down to sneak in watching SNL after their bedtime. Wrap around porch. This house was ripped from Mayberry, and put into a college town.

It would be perfect. If it were a little cheaper. And not so far from the city. And if there were, you know, actual neighbors. And if there were local jobs for what I do.

But other than that, it's perfect.

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Anonymous said...

And if there were more than 1.5 bathrooms (although makes cleaning easier!).