Odd Couplings x2

Odd Coupling #1
A couple nights ago, I was going through the on-screen guide, when the following one sentence description caught my attention:

"A Space Cowboy saves interplanetary leaders from an alien shrinker's army of inflatable females."

Click. Record.

The movie, Wild, Wild Planet was made in Italy in Italian. And, as should be perfectly clear from the description, is godawful. It's best trait is it's unintentional humor. The odd thing? It was on AMC...let's review. A horrible Italian movie on American Movie Classics. One more curious little thing. The hero thinks organ transplants are horrible. "I'm more than a collection of peices of meat." Uh, ok.

I think it's clear from this little story that I can no longer deny that I watch too much TV.

Odd Coupling #2
Driving home today, I saw a beater with a Jesus fish emblem on the back. You know, a fish with a cross in it? Then I noticed a trucker hat in the rear view window. So far so good. A transplanted redneck jesus freak. Then I noticed that the hat said "I GET OFF ON ANAL SEX."

I immediately looked to see if the former author of The Macek Collective was driving, since I hear he's local. But it was a female driver.


So the good news is that my Dad is looking good. The pancreas and kidney both look fine. He was released from the Hospital today, and is staying at a hotel a couple blocks away. Hopefully, he'll go home or to our place for the weekend.

Edit -
In other good news, it appears that my co-worker is going to be ok as well. He should be going home tomorrow at the latest.


The Macek Collective said...

Maybe Mrs. Macek Collective is travelling with me.

Lola said...

I was driving my old man's beater. He only let's me out of the house after I give up the ass so I've learned quickly to love it.