A couple quick things. Tonight, I was reading bigbrother a new book. The book basically went back and forth between "Mommy told me that there is no zombie in my closet that wants to eat my brains. But she can't find her way to my friends house. So sometimes even mommies make mistakes." Back and forth through 30 some pages. At the end of it, I say "BB, your mommy doesn't make that many mistakes."

He looked at me, poked my chest with his index finger, and said "but YOU do." He's insightful, that one.


How do republicans write kid stories? How would the Conservative version of the Lorax go? "The once-ler found this beautiful land with bears and fish and geese. He destroyed it for an extra 5% margin, and ignored that tree-hugging Lorax."

Is the kid in "The Giving Tree" a hero?


Each kid had a moment that left DearWife breathless in the last several days. Last Wednesday, we were at Jewel, getting supplies for hosting Thanksgiving. BB was really slowing down, so I took him around to the front of the check out. "Run and scare mommy, yell BOO! Go, run!" Bad Dad. BAD Dad.

He ran. Straight into the metal bag holder. Nothing puts the brakes on a kid like metal rods. He was more stunned than anything. I picked him up, and made sure it wasn't too bad. I generally do the distraction/it's not so bad thing. Then DearWife picked him up. Two minutes later, he was barely able to cry he was so upset. Coincidence? Probably.

Then today, LittleBrother was running around Target (imitating his big brother). DearWife was chasing him. He turned a corner and fell straight onto his nose. He wasn't stunned. He went straight into hysterics. DearWife felt awful. I guess because she was in the vicinity. Kids just do that, so as long as it's not serious, it doesn't phase me.


It's time to pack for Vegas. Gamble, drink. Rinse. Repeat....

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