I'm shallow

I'm in a great mood today. LittleBrother woke up every hour for the last two nights. For the last two days, he'll be in a great mood for 20 minutes, and then seemingly in excrutiating pain for the next 10. It was clear that LB, who is prone to drama (got that from DearWife's side, dontcha know), was not fooling around.

It's not the crying itself. It's the not knowing if it's a horrible strain of Asian Bird Flu or if it's absolutely nothing to be concerned about. I don't know if I'll ever get over that feeling of helplessness. The good doctor says it's his system getting used to being weaned. Thank god for that.

On top of that, I spent 30 minutes calling collections and billing people (my favoritist people on earth), to sort out $2,000 worth of bills relating to being tested for kidney donation. It all boils down to one billing clerk at the doctor's place who billed me and my insurance instead of the originating hospital.

Then I get into work, and guess what? 4 emergencies (two actually real) to deal with. But it's good to be needed.

I am having a sisyphus-ian day.

Also, a local paper around here is actively looking for bloggers, but are only aiming for the 20's demo. Clearly, I'm not a part of that. It's really sad that no local papers are taking proper advantage of the net and blogging. They're really missing out.


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20s demo only?

What..."Hey dude, I got totally wasted last night. The best drink specials on Thursday nights can be found at..."? Just kidding, I mean I know it's a good demo to cater to, but maybe you should apply/inquire anyway?

I just failed word verification...twice...