Sin City

So it's off to Vegas. I'm packed. I have my alarm set, my MP3 player hooked up for the ride. My pal Musky Boy's copy of Harrington on Hold Em Volume 1.

I won't see either of the kids until Monday night. That kinda sucks. I actually miss them already.

I'm a (poor) poker player, so it's a given that I'll invest some money in the tournaments out there. Normally, I wouldn't even consider going to a "Gentlemen's Club." Sure. Right. But there's a huge event out in Vegas when we're there. It's the topless Bullriding competition. Now, I ask you, how many times do you have the opportunity to see topless Bullriding competitions? I should just go to see if their silicone enhanced chests move when they're being thrown around like that.

Yee haw

I mentioned to a friend that we're hitting town a week before the monster Poker Blogger adventure. He said "That's good, it won't be as busy." I should have let him operate under the impression that there were thousands of poker bloggers descending upon Vegas.

The poker blogging community is kind of unusual. There's not much competition or animosity. It seems like everyone really digs each other's company. You don't see that in most groups that get together over the internet. I think that's kinda cool.


Just because, I have a pet peeves that I feel the need to share.

The first is "Team Coverage" of the first snowfall in Chicago. Hey, we've been here for 30 years, we don't need some idiot in a parka over the Kennedy to know it's cold and snowing.


Stephaine said...

Topless bullriding. Seems painful, yet interesting. Like a trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

Like a HOT trainwreck.