What happens in Vegas

I'd like to tell you that my trip to Vegas was soaked in booze, gambling, and general debauchery. Instead, it was more like "Grumpy Old Men" meets the first part of the Vegas sequence from "Swingers."

The two guys I went with and I are cheap asses. So mainly, there was a lot of walking around to find cheap gaming and booze. The weekend started out with us trying to find the best, cheapest poker tournament available. We ended up on the far south side of the strip (Excalibur). We wanted to get to Luxor, but we needed to get to Sahara after that. We all decided that a Cab was waaay to expensive, so we decided to take the monorail.

When it came up, I noticed that it was obviously going the wrong way. However,our fearless leader decided that it was the right way, and even if it wasn't, we'd be going the right way soon enough. And.....it was going the wrong way. Finally, we got going the right way, making stops at each casino. We got to Mandalay Bay (or whatever it Casino it was, I really don't know), and Fearless Follower decided that we should stay on until the next hotel.

Except of course that we had unwittingly reached the end of the line. And we headed back to Excalibur. The good news was that we got to ride with a lot of Cowboys, who were in town for the rodeo. They went back and forth about how the $60 tickets were outrageous, and blah blah blah blah.

Anyway, we got out at whatever hotel, walked through and caught the cab ride previously mentioned (see post below). Once at the Sahara, we found the poker room, and signed up to play in that nights' tourney. We then went and got cheap food and cheap liquor at a place called "Slots a fun."

We headed back to Sahara where Fearless Follower and myself played poker. FF didn't last past hour 2, and I ended up taking 2nd. Yay for me.

That was honestly the highlight of the trip. The rest was mainly some variation on:

FL: "Let's go do something."
FF: "What do you want to do?"
Me: "Let's go drink."
FF: "We could go to X and gamble."
Me: "Or we could do Y or Z."
FL: "Gawdammit, decide."
Me & FF: "Ok, let's go to do ...."
FL: "No, that's stupid."

That was a lot of it. Generally, we walked to a casino, and FL and I would watch FF gamble for 30 minutes, then we'd drink, and have the same discussion again. And we'd bicker. a lot. But in a male bonding way.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy wild and debauched. There were lots of women in low cut tops, and I guess FF and I did drink our fair share. That's not all that happened, but discretion is the better part of a public blog. And as we know:

What happens in Vegas shows up on your credit card statement. *If you're not careful.


Anonymous said...

Dude! I wanna party with you guys! Or at least I want my husband to.

Muskyboy said...

I'm guessing even the best most raunchy "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" story would be tame enough for a children's book.

Muskyboy said...

I'm guessing even the most raunchy "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" story from this crew would be tame enough for a children's book.