When exactly did someone decide that school starts 2 years early? DearWife and I had a discussion today about Big Brother potentially going to pre-school. My part of the conversation was the 'potentially' part. DearWife's was the 'which one' part.

She told me about how our neighbors were lining up for the 'first round' of registration at 6am so they could be sure to get in to Red Apple - for their 3 year olds. Translated into English: Mothers are getting sitters, waking up at 5am to wait in line for 3 hours so they can be assured of having the pleasure of paying $65 (non-refundable) for registering their kids for pre-school that will cost ~$150\month for 9 months (>$1,000 per pre-school year). So their kids can sit in a circle and cut letters out of paper. And play with toys. I couldn't stop thinking "Why do I have to pay for that when he has a mountain of toys here that he can play with for freaking free?"

The other option is to send him to Montessori school. Even though I went to one as a tot, I don't really know much about the concept. The only thing I know is that my mother constantly tells the story that I told my teacher that "My parents don't let me touch black people" as a way of getting out of having to kiss her. And that I told everyone my mom wore her "fairy godmother outfit to bed each night" during class one day.

Anyway, DearWife gave me a short little run down. The kids can do what they want at their own pace. Little pressure, not nearly as much regimentation.

So, Dear Wife and I talked it through. I was against sending him at all. She just couldn't decide which one to send him to. We 'compromised' and we are going to send him to Montessori. I mean, the kid has 13 - 17 years of school ahead of him. He doesn't need to be told to sit down and told what to freaking do 3 days a week.

I just can't help but think we're turning into Nathan & Susan from Parenthood. I just want to let the kid play with Thomas the Train toys and on his swingset and just be ours for now.

I remain unconvinced that two years of preschool is at all beneficial. All comments welcome.

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Oh the issues you are dealing with.......