So today, whilst DearWife was working out, I decided to pack up the kids and take them to the store. It was a fairly typical pack up. BigBrother was testy about having to leave, and LittleBrother was tired & crabby. During the 40 minute process, the kids traded off crying, whining and screaming. Not that they were bad, just a little tired and crabby. But it was challenging.

I was near my limit when we were about to leave and BigBrother told me he was "almost done pooping." So I changed a diaper, questioning my own sanity for trying to get out the door with two kids. Right as I got BigBrother finished, LittleBrother came up and gave me a big, smiling hug. BigBrother joined in for what seemed like a 5 minute hug.

Tonight, LittleBrother started to lose his calm during dinner. He wanted his milk, he HATED his milk. He wanted his dinner, he HATED his dinner. We took the boys up for a bath, and he was still unhappy. He hated getting his hair washed. He hated not being able to drink the bath water.

Then I took him out of the bath, wrapped him in his towel, and he leaned into me. All wet and warm and calm.

It was a great day today.


Mama Duck said...

It's amazing how a split second can make up for a day of chaos and insanity, isn't it?

Hope said...

Sounds like a good day to me ;)