Apple of his eye

I played poker (poorly) on Saturday night with my regular group. After coming back at 1:30, I was a little wound up. I crawled into bed, kissed DearWife and said "I'm going to go downstairs to watch some TV." "mmmph."

My bluffing didn't work with her either. I hunted around her side of the bed for the remote. No luck. Under my side of the bed? Nope. On her night stand? Nope. Under my pillow? No. I gave up thinking "I'm never going to go to sleep. I'm not tired." About 2 minutes later, I was out.

We went to my parents yesterday. I grew up in farm country. My dad taught at the University in next city. When I was growing up, it was all Future Farmer's of America, 50's style soda fountains, and bad parades. Today, there are town meetings about the 'growing gang menace.'

We were driving to the bookstore when DW said "You're taking me RIGHT where there was a gang murder the other week."

"Uh, it probably didn't happen in broad daylight." I was really thinking: "Thank god we didn't buy the farmhouse" So eventually we pull into MonkeyDragon's favorite place (Starbucks). In the lot is a Lotus. It's an expensive looking yellow car. It's a pretty unusual sighting, particularly since it's in DeKalb.

When we go in, I spot the owner. A German looking late twenties man. He has his laptop on, an empty frozen fru-fru drink, and he's playing scrabble. I can only see his Scrabble partner from behind. She's bleached platinum blonde. She wears a black leather bustier (don't hold me to that, I'm no expert on lingerie), a hot pink skirt, and leather boots with 4 inch heels, and 4 large metal buckles. Her hand bag says "I heart SEX." She's in shape.

We sat down, and read the paper. Unfortunately, the sports section was missing, so I was stuck reading about...books. There's a new Pigeon book. I did however remember that I wanted to buy this new book on Haymarket. So I did eventually get that yesterday. Now all I have to do is get Zinn and Diamond back from Musky.

So anyway, as we got close to leaving, I planned my glance. "How old is she? Is she good looking?" We walked out, and I notice that she has monstrous breasts. I mean monstrous not as in just plain big. I mean they looked like they had been torturing her top. Busting through the seams practically. I'll go out on a limb and say she'd been enhanced. I manage to get one quick glance at her face. Haggard. Mid 40's looking. Just as I started to glance away, I swear I saw the slightest hint of an adam's apple.


Muskyboy said...

yeah, I got to find those. Not sure where they arze.

Kel said...

the people watching is definitely one of the attractions to Starbucks - you see some of the most interesting things . . .

Woodchuck said...

So, she had "bolt on's" In this case the car was the best part. I love the new Lotus. I really want to drive one someday.

We mostly get "Volvo driving soccer Mom's" here.