Fly away

This is the first time I’m leaving the wife and kids for any amount of time.  When I booked the conference, I was figuring it would be easier.  But as the day came closer,  I realized how much I’m going to miss them.   And let’s face it there’s nothing to do in Vegas anyway.

Both kids were great this morning.  BigBrother got up early, and we watched a little Thomas the Train and had some quality time.  At breakfast, LittleBrother said “Daddy” for the first time.  It was a pretty cool moment.  The whole family stopped and cheered him.  He repeated himself about 10 times.

As I am sitting here at O’Hare, I came across this post by a blogger….Nice timing.  DearWife, don’t follow the link.DW – Kiss the kids extra for me tonight.  I’ll call when I get in.


Kel said...

YEAH! for BB!


uh, ya coulda told me not to follow the link too!

Geez, you know Woodchuck travels 80% - 50% of that by air (49,000 miles in the air last year, 40,000 by truck).

I have a very good imagination - don't need any help!

Muskyboy said...

Khyle I feel for you. It's Saturday night and you are stuck in Vegas. Oh well, I'm sure the hotel is nice and you will be able to get to bed early and get a good nights sleep.

Woodchuck said...

It's hard to leave the family. Time will fly by and you will be home before you know it.

It's to bad you had to go to Vegas. I hate Vegas!!!! The people there tend to be very rude, the place smells, it's dirty....but, there are a few good roller coaster there and the Race for Atlantas is great.

You might be able to find a poker came somewhere close...a long shot, but you never know.