God hates Tom Hanks

This past weekend, I made it my goal to go see a movie. Netflix on the train is great, but nothing can compare to a dark movie theater. And DearWife and I had not had the time to see one since...since...crap, I don't recall.

After a couple false starts, MIL was gracious enough to come over and baby sit while we went to see "Da Vinci Code." We'd both read the book. It was the kind of book that was written to be a movie. You could just picture Dan Brown watching "The Italian Job" and "The French Connection" as he threw in chase after chase and gun fight after gun fight. And he threw in a bunch of pseudo-history as well. So in addition to being action packed, it made you feel smart.

But in the end, it left you empty. Still, Ron Howard and Tom Hanks signed up for the movie, so it couldn't suck could it? Somehow, I got DW to come with me even though it was a beautiful day 75 and sunny.

About an hour in, we hit one of 183 critical moments in the movie. Smack, the power went out. DW went to investigate. Turns out the power to the whole place went out. So about 10 minutes later, the movie started back up. And died 15 minutes after that. And then started up.

The movie was entertaining. But seeing the ridiculous plot twists and endless cliffhangers on the screen made me realize how bad the book actually was.

We got our free passes on our way out. Then we realized why the power went out. It was POURING. But it wasn't a typical storm. It was sunny. Just a couple dark clouds in the sky, but it was pouring. A tad freaky.

Coincidentally, we have a mother robin whose babies just hatched in the bush in front of our house. She gets irritated whenever we use the front door. The morning after the movie though, she was especially pissed. She flew by my head a couple times. After I got out of her way, I noticed two ducks in front of my car door. They looked and me and they told me off.

I'm not sure if there is exactly a connection, but I think God is pissed at Tom Hanks for lowering himself to such a crappy movie.


MIL said...

I haven't seen the movie (and I don't know if I want to) but I felt a little like you about the book.

However, even though the facts are not convincing, I think it's possible that Jesus had a family. After all, He was human before becoming divine through his death.

Because there are virtually no documented facts from the actual time of his life and death, all kinds of theories could possibly be true. That is what leaves so many of us frustrated, unless we have unshaken faith in his divinity.

Woodchuck said...

The first sign that the end is near is when the birds start talking back.....

New meaning for giving someone the bird....

Muskyboy said...

Are you sure God isn't pissed at you for going to watch such a crappy movie?

Plus the Da Vinci code is Fiction, it isn't supposed to be a factual account of anything.