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On IM today, one of my former co-workers sent me a link. I clicked on it and saw a picture of my former boss, who had taken a picture of himself in the mirror. I saw a goofy screen name. His goofy smile. This guy wasn't a bad boss, and I didn't work for him for very long. He was very odd, but friendly, a story teller. He would go on and on about weird things that had happened to him. You know the type, they start by saying they knew a guy in the military once, and keep escalating the story until they were a Navy SEAL.

One time he told me a story I'll probably never forget. He was in charge of the network (lie #1). And the bandwidth was being taken up. They found the culprit and called him, but he didn't answer. So they went to his office. He was a Vice President of Finance. But the door was shut. So they went outside (the office was on the first floor), and looked in the open glass window.

He was, um, pleasing himself watching 4 different windows of porn. My boss went on to describe in great detail what was on each the screens, each more disgusting than the next. The story continued that a crowd began to gather, watching this man. He never noticed. They called the cops and took him out in handcuffs. "Married with kids, too" was how he ended the story.

I left that company. It was a fairly gossipy place. So and so got a DUI and got fired. So and so made unwanted advances at the company drink fest. So and so spent $10,000 on strippers on a vendor's tab. So I wasn't particularly shocked when I heard rumors about this guy. Even knowing that, I kind of put it in the back of my mind since there was so much gossip about nearly everyone.

Then I clicked on this link. Talk about bring it all together. This guy was seducing a supposed 13 year old girl. I skimmed the link, but I got physically ill reading it. Frankly, it was frightening to know I was working for this guy. I feel worst for his (ex?) wife and kids.

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Kel said...

now you are totally freaking me out and I am never letting the girls go near the computer - or leave the house for that matter!