Victory is Mine

DearWife was mopey all Saturday night. We had the night out alone if we wanted it. My parents were up. After dinner we attempted to negotiate a movie. I told her I really wanted to see "Pirates" and "Snakes on a Plane." I knew this would be a difficult fight.

She said "How about 'Little Miss Sunshine'?" I called her bluff. "Eh, I don't really want to see a movie."

So we go to the book store for some coffee and light reading. A little relaxation. More moping. More whiniess.

"Fine, lets go home." I was planning in locking myself in the basement and playing poker on line. Finally, she got over her 'sita' syndrome and said fine, let's go see a movie. She left it up to me. "You sure you don't want to see Pirates?" "I don't care for either of them."

As we sat down to watch the greatest movie ever made (just ask the internet geeks), she said "you realize you owe me like 4 movies for this." Which is a horrible negotiating ploy. She's in the seat. I have the keys. No leverage. Later she tried "This means we can't see 'Black Dahlia'." Again, no dice.

So she sat through the movie, and you know what? She enjoyed herself. She can't bring herself to say it was a good movie, or that she liked the movie. But she clearly enjoyed herself.

Back to the "Black Dahlia" for a second. I don't know if you noticed (or got) an insert in your Sunday paper, but there was a 2 pager with original LA Times stories about the original murder and investigation. Give that marketing guy a little gold star on his permanent record. I cannot wait to see the movie. It was a hell of a book, and the last Ellroy movie was one of my all time favorites (LA Confidential).

It's an opening nighter for me. Even if it means I'm going alone, I'm going.


Kel said...

Yeah, some things are not meant to be done as a couple. Movies might be one of them.


If we lived closer I would volunteer Bob to go with you to any and all of these . . .

Reel Fanatic said...

Black Dahlia is indeed going to be one of the great movies this fall, along with Scorsese's The Departed ... They showed the trailer last weekend, and I just totally got geeked up for it, especially since the movie that followed, Idlewild, was just a dreary disappointment

Khyle said...

You didn't like Idlewild? It got great reviews.

Since I don't get out to see movies, I have to rely on Netflix to catch up on my 6 month backlog of movies I need to see. So I don't think "The Departed" is in my near future unfortunately.