Hard Times in Stepford

Don't get me wrong. I love my neighborhood. Lots of great people. Lots of bad poker players. It's about as good a neighborhood you could get without locks and gates. I'm glad that my kids will grow up here. It's one of those newer subdivisions where they have basically 3 models, and if you weren't paying attention, you might not know what street you were on. That's why last night stands out so much.

My evening started out falling asleep on the train, and missing my stop. Since I'm so far out, there was only one more stop. And luckily the conductor was heading back that way, so he gave me a ride. Within minutes, we were talking about the quality of strip clubs in north central Wisconsin. He's going up there with 10 guys, a few of them drive 3 hours round trip to a bad strip club in the middle of nowhere. I really don't understand that at all. I mean, it's not like there aren't those places around Lake County is it? Are you that hard up for titillation that you'll take half a day out of your vacation?

Anyway, once I got back, I logged on (I was only going to work for an hour or so before spending time with the kids). Unfortunately, we had an issue (these things always happen), and I was working for a couple hours. DearWife took the kids to the grocery store to prepare for the Pirate Birthday party we're throwing for LittleBrother.

After I finished up work, I walked to the front of the house. There was a patrol car sitting across the street. I am paranoid around cops. I turn down the radio, drive much slower, look only straight ahead. I thought "what could I have done to be arrested?" Upon further investigation, there were two cars, both empty (but running). Within a few minutes, there were six cars on my street in front of my house.

Then the phone started to ring. All of the women on the street were calling each other: "Do you know what's going on?" Nothing like a raid by the whole police department to start a neighborhood talking. I think it bears pointing out here that by noting that it was the women calling around that I am not implying that the men are not as gossipy or curious. It's just that the men know the women will do it anyway. It' was like that in my house when my parents knew that I had to be disciplined. Dad always let Mom do it, because he knew she would anyway.

So the cops were there when we went to bed, and it looks like one or both neighbors got arrested. No one really has any idea why. But all the sudden, every little black mark that was buried in the back of everyone's head comes to the forefront. "I heard them having an argument the other day." (To which I thought, thank god we keep our windows closed). "I heard he was arrested before for XYZ."

The guy who got arrested, seems to me to be a nice guy. Dedicated father, and by all appearances a good husband. I have no idea why the cops were at his house (although I will be scanning the police blotter). I do know that his image in the neighborhood is probably permanently stained. If he didn't do anything wrong, his image is still stained.

Sometimes just the accusation is a punishment.


Anonymous said...

and you have to admit - the raid provided good blog fodder . . .

Muskyboy said...

Well the guy never waves when I drive by so he gets what's coming to him.