Negative Balance

I got home today about 6:10, just in time for DW to hop out to Body Pump. The kids were excited to see me. Big Brother greeted me, and then asked "Can we go fishing?" He talked about what kind of fish he wanted to catch (big), where he wanted to fish (the pond, no the ocean, no the pond). He was giddy with anticipation.

By the time we got done with dinner, we had maybe 20 minutes before it was time to take a bath. No fishing tonight. As I was telling him that we'd fish tomorrow or Friday, "Cat's in the Cradle" was playing in my head. He cried hysterically for about 15 of the 20 minutes we had.

Most nights, I get home and get to spend 20-40 minutes with the kids. Even then, I'm not really always in the right mindset. I tend not to be able to leave work at work these days.

This is not the kind of father I want to be.


Anonymous said...

this has been a recurring theme around here lately too - I can't stop thinking about my neighbor who will die in a year, and her kids are my kids ages . . . where is the balance between what we have to do and want to do

Muskyboy said...

OK Khyle, here is the scoop. You should go fishing with the kids, let the bath be late, let them stay up past their bedtime and let DW deal with them the next morning. This way you can feel good about yourself.

MIL said...

Right on, Muskyboy!!!!!!