Big Tuesday

It was a weird day on Tuesday. First off, I voted, which I don't really like to do. The second thing is really very scary, and that will show up here shortly.

Maybe a last small bit of idealism hasn't escaped me yet. I want leadership from politicians. All I see (maybe I'm not looking in the right places) is pandering and cynical electioneering. I think the system should be about getting the best people to run the country. Does anyone really think that the two top people to run the country were John Kerry and George Bush? A robot and .... the other guy?

We have Hillary spending $25 million on a race in which she had no effective challenger. She wanted to set herself up for a run at the presidential nomination. How many different of her causes could have used that money? Next time she says "we need to feed people" I am going to remember that $25 million.

The democrats seem to have run a race of "vote for us, we're not them!" Rahmbo's strategy, to me, seems cynical. It was all about the election results, and less about the issues themselves. The people were aligning against Republicans due to the war and scandals. And the Democrats encouraged it. They didn't, IMO, have a strong vision or a plan. They just capitalized on the fact that there weren't in power when it got screwed up. That's disappointing.

Silly me, I expect vision, strength, leadership and the ability to go against the grain. My biggest complaint is that all of national government is about the 'game' of politics. I remember listening to a State of the Nation address by Clinton. He hit on several topics that were important to the direction of the nation. Afterward, what was the talk? "I think he talked to long." One speech a year about the direction of the nation, and they focus on the fact that he had a lot to say?

On the specifics. I couldn't muster myself to vote for Blagojevich. He seems so fake to me. Nothing more than a politician trying to get the best career for himself that he can. I mean, just look at the guy:

If you have never seen this guy before, the first thing you'd think was "this guy's a politician." Right?

It doesn't help Blago that he's under three different investigations either. And Topinka scares me a little bit. She's the mean Aunt that you were always a little afraid of when she came to visit.

So I voted for the Green party candidate. It worked about as well as my vote for Perot. He recently was 'outed' by the Republican party as a former Social Democrat. It was a last ditch attempt to get independent votes to Topinka. That didn't work too well.

I was amazed that he got 10% of the vote. What, no one is afraid of Commie's anymore? Have we forgotten the evil that is Socialism and Communism? Ah, yes, we have a new boogeyman to focus on, Osama. I almost forgot.

Tuesday night is really setting the stage for a competitive Presidential Primary race for the Democrats. Blood is in the water. I just hope the democrats don't eat themselves like so many sharks.

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MIL said...

So....the Green Party has "vision, strength, leadership and the ability to go against the grain"..?????