Not so Stepford anymore

I like to joke about living in Stepford. In our neighborhood, you can have any style of house you want so long as it looks just like the house next to yours. It's a pretty tame community, not so unlike the farming community I grew up in. But a couple days ago, we had a shock.

A manager at a fast food restaurant was killed before the store opened. It's unclear at this point if it was a robbery, or how much if any money was stolen. She had a husband and two kids, 12 and 22. Loved her job. Loved Christmas. Earlier this year, she was managing a different restaurant and was attacked. She was pistol whipped and lost her hearing. She requested a transfer here, and got it.

Then she was killed. They are setting up a fund for her family, and we'll be donating to it. I'll post information when it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

I use to get depessed about living in the 'hood - and then someone pointed out that the "bad element" lived here . . . and went elsewhere to rob, kill, etc.

not really as much of a joke as a comment on our society, eh?

very sad -

Anonymous said...

Very sad.

Muskyboy said...

That is a bad strip mall. Remember a few years ago when the white supremicist (sure I butchered the spelling there)and arms dealer gunned down two cops in the parking precipitating a shoot out in the meat locker?

I do, unfortunately I was there and got to witness a bit of the shootout from my car with the younger boy in the back seat.