Party Weekend

On Friday night, DW had a 'jewelry party.' Generally, if you put a product in front of the word party, it's not really a party. It's code for 'come buy stuff from this Amway imitator so I can get a discount on a $200 weaved basket that I'll put some rolls in when we have Christmas.' Thankfully for our checkbook, the party was canceled due to freezing rain.

Saturday was the 40th birthday party of one of our friends. It was an open bar, so it would have been really difficult to screw it up. And they didn't. As the night went on, the hostess drank about 4 Cosmos. If you know her, it was just a slightly less inhibited, much more animated her. She was telling everyone about the Dunkin Donuts drive through that can't get her order correct. I think it was a 5 minute story that she told about 5 times. It was a very funny story, more for the delivery rather than the story itself. At one point she called me sarcastic, and then apologized. Bitch.

Eventually, the restaurant cut her off. At her own expensive party. When they knew she wasn't driving. "I'd like very much not to serve you another Cosmo." It was all about her calling out the manager on contract details and the like. So she was pissed.

On the way out, DearWife, ever the non-confrontationalist, tried talking to the manager. "I know her, and she'...."

We drove birthday boy and hostess to the after party. I tried talking to the guys, but they were talking about bikes. And I was distracted by the women who were building a jenga tower. They had turned it into a drinking game. Nice.

DearWife grabbed 4 hours of sleep, and took the kids to two birthday parties. I told her that I wanted a picture of the hostess for evidence. However, she was already there looking great with her Dunkin Donuts coffee.

On Sunday we had her family over. I turned the Bears game on, and almost threw a very large rock through the TV when Rex Grossman threw another INT deep in his own territory. Immediately after that everyone left. Coincidence?

But all's well that ends well. The Bears recovered and my TV is still in working order.


edP said...

So you have very large rocks sitting around your living room?

That's kind of cool

MIL said...

edp, I'm LOL at your comment.