Between the two of you, I'd prefer the 39.5 foot seasick crocodile

I wasn't fond of BigBrother taking piano lessons. Until DearWife 'convinced' me that it was no big deal, and he'd love them. He has his first homework - playing piano for 5 minutes a few times a week. He's catching on pretty well. You can tell when he practices he so much wants to impress DearWife, who is helping him play.

He's definitely warming to the idea after an incident with a bad teacher. The best part of piano lessons (for me) is that he gets a reward if he practices. Generally, he chooses a treat (fruit snacks, a cookie). But every once in a while he chooses "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

Tonight was one of those nights. Right after he finished and we told him he could watch it he (very astutely) noted that it was a 'pajamas movie, not a clothes movie.' We got them ready for bed, and sat them on the couch, put them under a blanket.

I watched their reactions the whole time. Their laughter and smiles at Max as a reindeer. "THAT'S Cindy Lou Who!" The giggles as the sleigh makes its way down Mount Krumpit. They're more entertaining than the movie.


I taped a bunch of alternative XMas programming. One was Andy Griffith narrating a Frosty the Snowman in which Frosty gets married to Shelley Winters. The writers, I hope, have been barred from writing childrens material. But every other program I taped has be redone from the original claymation to a cheap Pixar ripoff animation (Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys). Pisses me off.

But that dissapointment pales in comparison to my shock and disbelief of this....this...abomination:

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Dear Wife said...

They are quite entertaining those two. I love how just as the credits start rolling BB decides "I'd rather have a treat instead."