On Organic Hippydom and Organic Chicken Broth

I'm not all that smart. I think I know things, but I'm pretty sure I don't know them. I am nothing if not humble and cautious.

So when I tell you half-tongue in cheek that the Organic movement that has invaded my house is a bunch of tree hugging hippy bs, what I really mean is "I think it is." Not "I know it is." I have a hard time not teasing DearWife's uber-PETA fanatic Aunt. She once asked me what kind of carcass I wanted on my sandwich. I responded "I don't care as long as it suffered when it died."

I realize that's a slightly different topic, but I needed an excuse to put that in, and this is the closest I'll come. Anyway, I was reading MonkeyDragon the other day, and she linked to a couple of sites that were objecting to this post by Dooce mocking Organic Chicken Broth. I don't know Dooce except that DW reads her. She is apparently an A or B list blogebrity of some sort.

When I was a kid, the horrible new thing was 'preservatives.' We had to eat Jays potato chips because they didn't have any. Then all chemicals were very bad. Then genetic engineered corn and fish. Every few years we have something new to fear from technology. I generally figure as long as we stay away from Soylent Green, we'll be ok.

The whole Organic thing to me smells like corporations capitalizing on fear. But I don't know that. It seems pretty likely that if there are bad things in a chicken that they'd be in the bones and in the broth.

So even though I don't think the Organic thing is worth the money, as long as we can afford it, I'm taking the better safe than sorry approach.


Anonymous said...

"I am more concerned about eating an animal that sits in its own body waste and ingests growth hormones. Then, because it is stuck in a cage surrounded by tons of other birds that go nowhere, Mr. Chicken also gets sick a lot and sees a lot of attention from bugs. Mr. Chicken gets a lot of antibiotics that I wouldn't ingest if given the choice."

that's the part that always gets me - ewh!

not to mention pesticides interfering with your endocrine system . . . none of us need more estrogen thankyouverymuch

that said - no more than 8 oz of soy product a day either mister!

Dear Wife said...

I'm pretty sure K's never come close to 8 oz of soy product period (at least not on purpose).

Dear Wife said...

P.S. Did you read Dooce's post today - hate mail from free range chicken broth lovers? Her humor is an acquired taste.

Khyle said...

I've had probably 8oz of Soy Sauce in a meal.

Anonymous said...


"8oz of Soy Sauce in a meal"