Sooo that was easy

My parents came over on Saturday, and stayed through the Bears game (which we watched on my new HD receiver). My Dad's competitive, but as far as a sports fan goes, he's average. I'm not. When BigBrother was 2months old, we had him sleeping in between us in bed. When Juan Dixon hit a miracle three in March Madness, I yelled and pumped my fist. DearWife was really happy about that.

Late in the game, it was intense. Momentum was shifting every few minutes, any mistake could end the game. One FG and it puts the Bears into the NFC Championship. A loss would be devastating.

I cannot sit down. I'm teaching the kids new words. BAD words. I'm yelling at the coach. I'm yelling at the play calling. My blood pressure is up. My face is turning red.

So my mother decides that now is the time to ask questions like:

  • Is it bad the other team came back from being down so much?
  • How is the audio on your TV?
  • Can you help my buy a PC?
  • Why is that part of the field blue?
  • Who is that guy?
  • What happens in overtime?
  • I thought you said is was sudden death, why does it say 15:00?
I swear she is lucky to be alive.


Woodchuck said...

Funny questions....great timing on here part, I think she was just setting you up.

Comic genius if you ask me.

The Macek Collective said...

Sometimes elder abuse is acceptable.

Diane said...

Wait so the Bears won right?

edP said...

Who is what guy?

Khyle said...

Ed: I have no idea who she was talking about, although I would guess it was a coach.