I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal

So I got a fairly big promotion last week. It's the one step past the cross roads kind of deals. It's where I completely stop being productive in any direct sense of the word. I've stopped actually working, and I find myself saying things like "we need to build relationships" and "what are your top 5 pain points." It was a quick descent into management speak for me. I am considering asking for TPS reports in triplicate, and randomly asking my staff if they 'got the memo on the new cover letters.'

The opportunity is great. But it is weird on some levels. I really have great people working for me. But it will be difficult to resist stepping in and doing things myself.


Reason #235 that I love my wife:
We were sitting at the table tonight, and she was convincing LittleBrother to eat his vegetables. She started singing a song from Grease 2. You know, the Adrian Zmed vehicle. How incredibly awesome is that?


I went and got an IPod last week. Angela and her husband did their best to stop me from going to the dark side that is Apple. But in the end the accessories are too many and too cool. I LOVE it. I don't just like it. I love it.

I've burned probably 12 of my 25 or so Stones CDs, and it's odd how I have forgotten how much I love almost all of their songs. Well, I dig almost all of them until Undercover, when it starts to get spotty. Brought me back to college when I sat smoking camels drinking Hamms with Shawn talking about the 'real meaning' of "Their Satanic Majesty's Request."


Dear Wife said...

You've always been a big deal!

The Macek Collective said...

Fry guy is a HUGE responsibility.

Diane said...

So are you finally Chancellor of the World now like you always wanted to be?

Muskyboy said...

Congrats Man, you deserve it!!!

edP said...

There was a real meaning to Their Satanic Majesty's Request?!?!?

Angela said...

Ok, so does this mean that you're cool enough to burn bad through and through....oooh yeaahhh....sorry, I digress. Congrats on the promotion. I hope it works out great for you. About the IPod? Well, I'm glad you like it.