From the 'what have I done' page:

Last week, DearWife and the kids were at pretend playground. DearWife told me about it that night. They have a dressup area. BigBrother headed over and tried on the White Sox uniform. As she was telling it, I was just hoping he didn't end up in a princess outfit.

So he thought the White Sox uniform looked pretty cool. But then he saw the red and blue uniform of the Cubs and got a sly grin. DearWife helped him try it on. He then walked up to a random mom and said, giggling, "What would my Daddy think of this?"


LittleBrother has a new schtick. Whenever anything happens that he thinks is funny, he said "dat funny wight?" He then proceeds to give the cutest little giggle. From anyone else on earth, I would think it's very poorly forced laughter. But it's not. It's just his way of expressing joy. I guess it's hard to laugh when your whole face is so intently smiling.


We moved LittleBrother out of his crib yesterday. DearWife put his crib mattress on the floor. It's funny, but when we did this, it was shocking how big he is in relation to it. It still surprises me how much the kids grow when you aren't paying attention.


My Mp3 player died last week. I have a habit of trying to not spend too much money on things, and then going back shortly for what I really wanted. So this time, I want to get something that will meet our needs for a while.

That means unless my buddy from MS can convince me that the Zune kicks serious ass, that I will be getting an IPod. Since I hate everything that is Apple (sorry if I'm offending the one Safari user who reads this blog) it doesn't make me happy.

I think what it will come down to is that the IPod will have an infinite number of accessories that come with it. But if anyone out there has alternatives, help me out.


This weekend was almost 60 degrees here. It was a little insane walking around that much snow when it was so warm. We didn't get out on Saturday...it was FIL's birthday and we had the family over. So DW had to finish her weekly "cleaning for a party routine" before company got over.

But on Sunday we got out for a walk. BigBrother rode his new Superman bike. LittleBrother rode his plastic motorcycle. They raced down big hills into snow drifts. It was a complete blast.

Now, I'm sure it'll snow again before spring truly arrives. But it was awesome to have some good weather for once.


Dear Wife said...

Is "cleaning for a party routine" the newest euphemism?

Dat funny, wight?

Angela said...

Always love hearing the cuties from the kids. They come up with the best stuff, I swear. I love the fact that the Cubs uniform was modeled...smart son! ;-)

I had to comment on the MP3 player. DH just bought me one for my birthday and he had bought one for himself. He researched them all and settled on the Toshiba Gigabeat. He's got one with more memory than mine, but mine suits me just fine. I am not sure, but don't IPods require you to pay for all of the music? We can just download everything we own (ahem, and then some) and copy them over. Like I said, I wasn't the one doing the research, but that's why he went with these. I love mine so far....here's a link http://reviews.cnet.com/4566-6450_7-0.html?filter=1000036_3808734_&tag=dffl2_6 to cnet, where he was doing much of his research. Happy shopping!

Muskyboy said...

Get the Ipod.