My Day

  • 12:01AM: Go to sleep after not being able to get work out of head for 2 hours.
  • 12:30AM: Wake up when BigBrother walks in the room scared from the monster storm. BigBrother gets in bed with us. Squirms. Squirms some more. Finally get back to sleep around 1AM.
  • 1AM: Call from work. Problems.
  • 1AM-4AM: Problems not resolved. Send email to bosses indicating that we have an issue. Possibly tragic, possibly inconsequential.
  • 4AM: back to bed, set alarm for 7. Stare at BigBrother thinking how lucky you are. But not long enough to keep the work problems out of your head.
  • 8AM: Wake up when work calls. Realize that you slept through an hour that you should have been helping out. Realize that you set the alarm for 7PM.
  • 8:01AM: Told that there actually was never a problem. It wasn't the system that was down, it was the testing that was bad. Ugh.
  • 8:05AM: Come downstairs doing best Zombie imitation scratching head. Grab coffee.
  • 8:10AM: DearWife says 'this is so cute, come see what LittleBrother is doing!" He's taken his pants and his diaper off, gotten diaper wipes from the bathroom, and he's wiping himself. Which is cute, until you realize that he has reason to wipe his butt, and he's wiping his hand in it.
  • 9:00AM: Decide that going to work is a good idea, head in.
  • 9:30AM: Realize that this is no big deal. Feel confident in ability to rise to the challenge.
  • 9:30AM-5PM: work blah blah blah
  • 6:30PM-8PM: Play with kids. Realize how incredibly lucky I am.

1 comment:

Dear Wife said...

Play with kids AND WIFE. Realize how incredibly lucky I am.

I'm sure it was sleep deprivation that caused this oversight.