The Good News

As part of the negotiations on whether or not we were going to have a third child, I secured a couple key concessions. First, I never have to change another diaper ever again in my life. Obviously some how I have been tricked. But DearWife agreed nonetheless.

The other, major thing I won was naming rights. I make the exclusive decision on the name of the baby. DearWife did however maintain veto rights. So my plan is to come up with enough bad names (Francis, Delores, Adolph) that she'll cave in to the names I really like:

Ash (from one of my favorite movies, Evil Dead)

or Elvis

DW has already vetoed both suggestions, but I'm sure she'll come around.

The big question I get nowadays is "do you want a boy or a girl?" Sane people always answer something like "either one is fine" or "as long as it's healthy, it doesn't matter."

But I am not one of those sane people. I want a boy. Don't get me wrong. I would love and adore a girl. The girls adore their dads. But I remember the boy side of dating as a teenager. Based on that, I'm already worried about her first date. I'll have to go to S-Mart to get a shotgun. But no shells. It is just for effect. Don't get me started on the mom-daughter stuff in the teen years.

My relationship with my mom was difficult enough when I was a teenager (shh, don't tell my mom, she'll deny it). But it is scientifically proven fact that mother\daughter relationships are much more difficult during this TEN YEAR PERIOD.


MonkeyDragon said...

yeah, you are probably getting a girl now.

. . .

you probably thought this whole name thing was a breeze, but the whole personality now depends on you picking the right numerology and social and cultural balance

no pressure

edP said...

Ash rules!