How they created the world

The boys and I were driving around doing errands the other day. The kids are a little quiet. Out of the calm, in his high pitched voice, he asked:

"Daddy how did vey cweate the wo-yold?"

My first response was. "What?" When I realized he was asking "How did they create the world," my response was "what?"

Thankfully, BigBrother piped in.

"Daddy, I know. Can I answer you LittleBrother? First the world was covered with water. The volcanoes were allergic to water so they created land. Then there were sick sea animals in the water so they came onto land. Then there were dinosaurs. Then the volcanoes sent some of the land back into the water."

He went on and on for about 5 minutes. Pretty good for a 4 year old, no?

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Woodchuck said...

Very nice, where was he when I had to write term papers on that subject?