Life getting in the way

I was planning on doing a bunch of things this weekend. I wanted to post about the cool things ifbyphone's technology can do. I wanted to get a little bit ahead of a self-imposed deadline on a report for work. I wanted to take the Christmas lights down.

I took the kids and did some errands on Saturday. We had people coming over, but I still could get some work done after they went home. Except LittleBrother suddenly came down with a very painful ear infection. And I didn't have new insurance cards yet. So DearWife and LittleBrother went to the Emergent Care place late on Saturday. I stayed home with BigBrother, who wanted to stay up until they got back. Needless to say I didn't get anything done. LittleBrother is feeling much better with a little infant motrin.

Then today, when I was going to start getting some work done, my home PC died. And of course, it's the hard drive, with about 6 months worth of unbacked up MS Money files and worst of all, Digital Pictures. Oy. I still hold out hope that I can get everything off of the HD.

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MonkeyDragon said...

my gawd I feel the panic attack

been there

bad mommy, no backups

so now we have a removable harddrive for phots - no albums, like real ones or anything . . . they don't let me play with scissors