Reason #2,356 Politics Suck

I just spent 10 minutes of my life reading this article from the AP about Obama and Clinton. The story is about Obama and Hillary sniping back and forth. I'm not sure what kind of change Obama is bringing, but he must have used the word about 80 times, so you know he's serious.

The whole stupid article is about the game of politics. That's the whole problem. It's all a game to the politicians. The press cover this like the Super Bowl. The tactics are the focus. The Trib today talked about how Mr. 9/11 is out of the campaign because his tactics were bad. I do not doubt this to be true. But I still don't know what the hell he stood for other than 9/11.

It's the tactics that are more important to the media than the issues. I yearn back to my days half-paying attention in History class. A man named Elihu Root was discussing how to win elections. His point, and I think this is extremely important even today, is that it's not who wins the issues that wins the elections. It's who controls what the issues are that are talked about that wins the elections.

What does that mean? It means Obama just has to keep this about change, and Hillary can't win. Besides, you think someone who takes pictures like this can win an election? She looks like the wicked witch for chrisakes. And the sad thing is, it's true that she can't get elected for simply that reason. Anyone care to bet?


MonkeyDragon said...

it is late here, and you just gave me nightmares -

Diane said...

Check out Newsweek last week, an essay on 30 women's thoughts on Hillary. They all moan about her feminimity...THAT is why she can't get elected! No one cares if she has a brain, rampant feminism scares us mere mortals, I have known that for years.