Falling asleep in one place, and waking up in another

We took the kids to see the 6:30 showing of "The Lion King" in Milwaukee on Sunday night.

The night didn't really start out ideally. Unbeknownst to us, Milwaukee's powers that be thought that it would be a good idea to schedule it against the Auto Show and the Circus. And given that Milwaukee's roads downtown have been in a state of construction for literally 87 years, traffic was bad.

And the parking lot elevator was packed and busy. So we walked. And then our seats were literally in the top row. The kids, and MIL, and 8month pregnant DearWife were champs.

If you didn't know, it's a musical based on the Disney movie. Generally speaking, I believe that all musicals suck. It's a general rule I live my life by (that and that all Germans love David Hasselhoff).

But seeing as it's a kids movie adaptation, the lack of plot problem that most musicals suffer from doesn't really hurt "The Lion King." BigBrother sat on the edge of his seat througout. LittleBrother enjoyed it, but was so tired that he basically sat in my lap, leaned into me and tried to keep his eyes open.

On the way back, the kids each ate a banana. LittleBrother couldn't finish his. But he refused to let go of the two remaining bites. Finally he fell asleep right before we got home. DearWife threw away his banana and put him in bed.

At 4:30 AM that night, LittleBrother woke up crying frantically. Bad dream? Scared of Scar (the villain in Lion King)? No, he wanted his banana.

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Muskyboy said...

Shouldn't it be the wife waking up screaming that she wants the banana? Oh wait you already gave that to her....bwaahahahahaha