Update on DirecTv

I sent another email to DirecTv, and got another email back saying they're sorry and that someone would be calling me. I got a call from a rep tonight, and I am not any more impressed with DireTv's support than I was earlier.

My issue was discovered the exact week I first reported it in February (even though I had been noticing it for weeks before). They solved the problem right away. Then it came back, just days before my most recent complaint (even though I had been seeing it more often).

I at least got more information (it's specific to Dolby Digital). However, the best they could do is offer a work-around. Pause. Wait for 2 minutes. Then watch. This is not the best solution I've ever heard.

More troubling is that they are not gonna call me when they think they've solved it. "You'll know because the problem will go away!" Um, no. So I'm supposed to all every week asking if it's been resolved?

The whole DirecTv HD experience has really led me to sour on them as a company. The rep listened to me complain for 5 minutes about how they have really gone downhill, and then in a very polite voice said "I'm sorry if we gave you that impression...." long pause as he typed...."will there be anything else."

No, no there will not.

In the mean time, I got about 10 hits from what seems to be various Comcast offices around the country (zero from DirecTv by the way). Not sure why they didn't comment, but they came anyway. In addition, I have a Twitter friend who is always available and willing to help me - from Comcast corporate.

Now I just have to figure out some specifics and I will be ordering Comcast probably next week.