Feel the Burn

My brother in law is building a new house on his property. Before he could start, he had to get rid of the old house. The choice was a $500 donation to the local fire department or $5000 to a demolition company. I think he made the right choice.

In addition to allowing the firemen and women a chance to practice under controlled conditions, it allowed the local police a chance to burn up all the porn and drugs they've been waiting to dispose of...no joke.

So we headed out and honestly had a grand old time watching their house burn down. The only bad part of that the mosquitoes love them some Khyle. They're female after all. Bad jokes aside, it was a little weird watching the house burn down that we had Christmas and other holiday's in. Had to have been a lot weirder for their family, watching the first house their kids lived in be destroyed.

At least Brother in law has the comfort of knowing that he will be living in a crowded house with his in laws for 9 months or so. Great people honestly, but it can't be easy moving back in with mom and dad and toting your two kids and husband in tow. Good luck to all involved with that.


This is after just a few minutes after they lit the final fire.

You can see the flames visible now in the kitchen through the door.

Now picture you waking up in that smoke. Not fun. Check your smoke detectors!

The smoke is blocking out much of the sunlight at this point.

The addition on the right is the first room to really light up.

This is a view of the same door as in the first picture. But here you can now see the front room on the left completely ablaze.

No trees were actually harmed in this. Not even the ones 5 feet away.

The addition (partially behind the tree) is almost completely gone.

Just the shell left on this one.