A pool of Blue & The Sound and Fury

Just a note: So BigBrother is fine. After the bloodletting the other night, he's been 100% ok. So that's good.

We just got through with a long weekend. Not long as in a took a day off of work. Long as in full of stuff. We spent most of Saturday at the local pool. It was awesome. DearWife and I alternated between playing with the big boys and holding the baby. LittleBrother voluntarily put his head under water for the first time. You know, that doesn't sound like a big deal. But one of my favorite things as a Dad is watching the little achievements like that. He was so proud.

Then they both got these floaty-life-vesty things (DearWife help me out what are they called?). And they swam for hours all by themselves. It was just fantastic. And a welcome diversion from every day and work stresses.

We left 15 miutes before a deluge. So that was nice. Then we spent a long time in the basement as there was a tornado warning. The kids were fine, playing with their toys and whatnot. The biggest argument was that I told DearWife she couldn't go get the kids' babybooks because, you know there was a TORNADO in the area. So she went and got them anyway.

Sunday brought more storms, except this time they came after the kids were completely asleep.
LittleBrother slept his way through the whole thing. BigBrother was only partially awake. DearWife and I spent our time watching videos on Funny or Die.

Finally...lat night we went and got our passes to Great America. Spent a couple hours there riding the Whizzer and in Wiggles World. Kids were completely worn out and loved it.

Great times.