A Quick Horror Story

I came home from a longish day at work, and asked DearWife how her day went. She told me all the different stuff she did with the kids (they are in love with the 4 week old kittens a couple doors down).

After a busy morning and a quick lunch, they went to the store (of course referring to Target). She was looking for a specific DVD, and the clerk walked her from the counter to the shelves. Tiny (the baby) and LittleBrother were in the cart, and BigBrother was hanging on to it.

The clerk tried to explain why they didn't have "Chicken Little" (my guess is that it sucked and didn't sell, although the clerk didn't use that explanation). DearWife looked down, and BigBrother was nowhere to be found. She walked to the counter...nothing. Down the aisles, nothing. Just.about.to.panic.

Then over the intercom "Would BigBrother's mommy please come to the customer service desk?" I think it goes without saying that this could happen to anyone - I know it's been close to happening to me in the past.

BigBrother had a long, scared face, but he was very brave. "I knew just what to do. I found a lady that worked there, and told her I had lost my Mommy."

Honestly, I couldn't be more proud of him, and of the job DearWife has done in making sure he knows what to do in that situation.
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