Random, unrelated thoughts:

I got a letter from NW on the kidney donation thing. I need some tests....here they are:

ABO Blood Type, Chem 10 Panel, CBC with Diff, Lipid Profile, Liver Function, PT/PTT, Blood Pressure, CMV, Urine C & S, Urinalysis, Hep B sAg, Hep B Ab, Hep Core, 24 hr Urine, Hep C antibody, RPR, HIV, EKG, Chest X-Ray.

I figure that's what, a ten minute appointment? My favorite is the 24 hour urine test. The accompanying letter says "a plastic container, such as one used for distilled water or milk may be used" I'm thinking I don't want to carry around a 1 gallon plastic jug-o-piss at work, so this is gonna be a weekend activity.

Various other things caught my attention this week:

NCAA Bullshit: The NCAA outlawed Indian names in the post-season. This is 100% PC bullshit. I'm waiting for a greek to come forward and protest "Spartans." I can see taking offense at the Cleveland Indians' logo. I can even see taking offense at the name "Redskins." But Braves, Illini, etc...I just gotta think that the NCAA has better things to do than dictate naming to their members. Here's what one Illini fan thinks.

Evolution vs. ID: The problem with arguing evolution with a creationist is that they are never bound by anything. Cornered on the speed of light? "God made it that way." Fossil record? "God put it that way." Maybe they re-interpret the bible to suit the current scientific thought as best they can. In the end, this post by a poker player who's blog I follow sums it up. The pseudo-debate comes down to whether or not you think the scientific method has merit over anti-science.

Ending with Cute kid stories:

We went to dinner at Pizzeria Uno (service sucks) on Saturday with my P's. Big Brother was getting loud. My mom talked to him about his 'inside voice.' After repeated warnings, he is walked outside as a timeout. I knew when he was back, because he screamed it at the top of his lungs: "Hey, I'm BAAAACK!"

Little brother picked up a new trick: He tickles people now. 10 months old, and he can zurbur his dad and tickle his brother.

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Anonymous said...

Inside voice? Yeah right, no such thing in kids. Also not only does the service at PUno suck so does the pizza.