Not so crazy night

Yesterday was a blast. Really invigorating. Great time drinking and smoking on cigars betting on horses with the guys at Arlington. Trained it back and had a nice slow dinner at a restaurant in Chicago. Food was mediocre location great.

My buddy reminded me of the pizza he had the one time he was at my place. So we worded that: Pepperoni, Pepperocini and garlic. Try it, it's a hell of a pizza. We sat and all caught up with one another. We made plans to get together to have lunch. We are only 2 blocks away from each other after all.

I got home at a decent hour. I got a decent night's sleep before we headed out to Ravinia for a kid's concert. At this point, I'm in a phase where I can barely tell the difference between any of the kids bands. I know Raffi, because his voice is particularly annoying. But the others all sound the same.

First let me say it was a good time. Honestly. But neither of my kids had any clue that there was an actual concert going on. It could have been just a good stereo for all they knew. For me, it was a picnic 45 minutes away without a grill listening to music I can't escape in my house during day light hours.

I was wearing my new t-shirt. One neighbor who was there made an attempt at discussion on it. And that's the point of that t-shirt really. But my early morning caffeine had worn off, and I wasn't thinking straight. Besides, I am always thrown off in crowds. I hate them. Anyway, he made an attempt at conversation, and in my lame attempt at a reply, I probably made him feel stupid. So that sucks.


Anonymous said...

One has to be a computer "HIGHTEK" to "get" your shirt. I had to have it explained by your "tekie" father-in-law.

Anonymous said...

Your shirt is clever but, viewing it and getting back to your blog hung up my PC. That happens every time I go to your blue colored references.

Khyle said...

Dear 'anonymous':

My sincere suggestion is that you get a new PC. Surely the man of your house will pony up the cash for a real laptop, no?

tmc said...

A new high was reached on the nerderometer in northern IL today....

Muskyboy said...

tmc, you are 100% correct