Thomas Does Math

While I'm working up a monster post about this weekend, I wanted to throw something up. Following our duty, we took the kids to see "Thomas the Train" in Union, IL. BigBrother loved it. But I couldn't stop hearing ka-ching the entire time we were there. So I did a little math.

They did 15 minute train rides, every 30 minutes (16 rides per day). Each ride had 8 carriages that could hold about 100 people. I'm assuming they sold out. The tickets (just to provide an even #), were $20. That's > $1/minute....Anyway, they did these rides for 6 days.

800 people*16 rides/day*$20*6 days=$1.5 mill. Add in another 50% of that for merchandise and tickets with "Sir Topham Hatt." Add in probably $350,000 in food consessions. You're talking $2-$2.5 million easy.

Since Thomas is a British creation, I just hope they put some of this towards dental care.

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