LittleBrother has what we call a short fuse. The good news is, he can't really remember why he's upset unless it's right in front of his face.

Tonight we sat down for a dinner of Stuffed Shells (with Spinach). The spinach was added over much protestation on my part. But, in the end, the 9-1 cheese to vegetable ratio made the meal quite tasty.

In the middle of the meal, LittleBrother lets it be known that he wants something, the only way he knows how. He points (waving his hand and arm from side to side) and says "uh uh uh." This method of communication isn't very exact, and frequently his fuse has run its course by the time we figure out what he wants.

Tonight he wanted two things. The first thing he wanted was the sharp knife. His face was comi-tragic once he realized he wasn't going to be able to play with it. He went from "hey I want that sharp thing" to Sofie's Choice in about 2 beats.

Once we hid the knife, he was ok. However, he moved on to another item: DearWife's plate full of food. She gave it up, and LittleBrother pointed out that he needed her fork too. He then ate the shells as if he'd been eating this way his whole entire life. No big deal.

The clan (at least the male members of the clan) celebrated this occasion with a family screaming contest. For whatever reason, DearWife not only did not participate, she frowned on the practice as well.

For the record....I won.

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