BB is only on his third Christmas. And it's just now that he's really getting into it. For a couple months, we've asked him what he wants Santa to bring him. "A TOW TRUCK." Always the same answer with the same enthusiasm. THEN, he found out that we bought a Muck for his cousin, and now BB needs one too. Thus started the first time one of many that one of us(DW in this case) would madly try and find the one last Muck toy. Luckily she found one, and we're in the clear.

I started to think back about Christmases past. A quick couple stories. My mother's favorite embarrass her only son story (XMas category) is the "Bike Story." One year, I woke up my parents at about 4 am as was my custom on Christmas morning. When I finally bugged my parents enough, we headed downstairs.

We opened up all of my presents, and my mom was like "Aren't you going to open your last present?"

"What present?"

"That one over on the side of the tree, where you've been getting all of your other presents from."


"Khyle, there's a BIKE right in front of you."

Yes, I missed a bike right in front of me. Right now, DW is not surprised at all. I was reading other people's posts on what their favorite present was for me, one immediately came to mind. I do not recall if I actually asked for this gift, or it was just a surprise.

It was a little 8-track playing robot called 2xl. You'd pop in 8 track tapes and the robot would ask you questions about some topic or another. Sports, science, history, all kinds of topics. I have no idea why I loved this thing so much. It was probably the buttons. I loved pressing buttons. Whatever the reason, it was clearly an indicator of geekiness to come.

Right now, the best part of Christmas is watching BB & LB walk downstairs and see their presents. It's hard to put into words the pure joy that BB had last year when he walked downstairs and saw....a toy vacuum.

I'm at the point now where if there's anything I really want, I can probably just go get it (you know, within reason). But the true joy I'll get is watching the kids open their presents with wide eyes and wild abandon.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas - or whatever you may celebrate...


The Macek Collective said...

Dear person.

Please get rid of this BB, LB, DW, and whatever else the fuck stupid abbreviations you have.

They make me itch.

Otherwise, I will come up with my own version of what DW stands for.

Coo Coo Ca-Choo,


Khyle said...

Dear Person,

The itching is probably related to that Thai hooker, not this blog.

Happy to help,