Customer Support

I dread being on the phone with support people. I'm an IT guy - I work with computers for a living. I know what I'm doing, and generally if I call support it's because I have a problem that's out of my control. And since most technical support people have to assume you have no clue, it's a painful process. It's not their fault they treat you like a retarded monkey, they're trained to do that.

So that's why I've been putting off calling Comcast to bitch about our Cable Internet service. I tried to get the wife to do it. No luck. So I called last night. We go through the standard questions. "What do you mean it's slow?" "What are you doing on the Internet when it's slow?"

30 minutes later, I mention that I'm clearing the cache and cookies from my Firefox browser. So this HS kid says the following: "One time I had firefox installed and it made everything slow so I got rid of it and went back to my good old internet explorer, and it made everything more better."

After that he looked at my actual connection and said "Oh, I see. You're problem is that your connection is very slooooooooooow."

Thaaaaaaaaaanks. So we set up a home visit for Friday to check my cabling. Which he warned me could cost $75 if they found a crimped cable. But for the low low price of $1.50 a month I could buy insurance against that fee. "But you installed the damn thing. If it's screwed up, YOU screwed it up."

"But it's not our responsibility after we left."

"You sure your service doesn't just suck?"

The last line didn't quite make it into the conversation.


The Macek Collective said...

I respectfully request reimbursement for the 3 minutes of my life wasted on this post.

Khyle said...

You always were a slow reader.

2e said...

So, you're saying it wasn't comcastic?

Muskyboy said...

IT guy, uggh. No value add there.