3 Kids Parties = Fun

BigBrother is now officially 3 years old. His birthday made me think back to the first time I heard about him.

I was walking to a client's office in Chicago. I was on the NW corner of the intersection below. My cell rang, and I immediately recognized the number as being from our agency. "There's a birth mom who is 8.5 months pregnant, and she chose your profile. Can you go meet her on Monday?"

We'd been waiting (one way or another) 7 years for that call. Some three weeks later, BigBrother was in his crib at our house. Not to be cliched but it seems so incredibly long ago. Three years ago, we were waiting and waiting on kids, this last weekend, we had 3 parties for a 3 year old.

Friday night, we went to Chuck E Cheese. Look up chaos in wikipedia, and I'm pretty sure it has Chuck's picture attached. Generally it was a fun night. BigBrother got to play air hockey with Chuck E. which he loved. There was a very dangerous time when DearWife almost let him go on the Barney ride. I run a strict no-Barney house. I'm anti-Disney too, but that's an almost impossible fight.

Anyway, the next day was his 'real' party. He and 19 of his best friends played at an indoor playground called "Pretend Playground." Highly recommended. All the kids had a blast. They have about 10 different areas for kids to play with. A couple plastic playsets with slides. A giant plastic RV, a dress up area, a kitchen, car section, a gear table...The high school girls there were great with the kids, and they put BigBrother up on stage and had the people yell Happy Birthday.

After that was done, the family came over to our house and Calvin opened his family presents. A great time was had by all. This year was mainly Thomas stuff. He got a couple new pieces for his collection (the roundhouse and a sling bridge). The highlight of the party for me was MIL saying something scandalous, and then moments later saying "don't blog that." You know you're big when you're asked not to blog something.

On Sunday, I was playing with the kids and the new train stuff. They went down for a nap before we could finish building it. So right after I put them down, I went and got the train set up ....you know....for the kids. I have no idea why I feel it necessary to complete the tracks, but I think I did a pretty good job:

I have to say, DearWife took up the challenge today and kicked my ass, but alas there is no digital evidence of her track laying masterpeice.

On Monday we officially entered the potty training zone. I'll just say it takes a little getting used to seeing your three year old running around without pants on. And it's odd having him on the toilet 80% of the time.

The potty training thing is another little bittersweet milestone. I love that he's growing up and becoming all boy and less toddler. But it's a little sad too. Aw, who am I crapping. Who the hell wants to change poopy diapers?


Kel said...

ok, reading along and DD comes up behind and wants to check out your track design so she can "incorporate it into her next layout" (yeah, she really does talk like that - somewhere b/t cute and annoying)

when the girls were 3-5 they wouldn't touch the Brio, now apparently it is just the right size for Polly Pocket(that and they saw us take the table down last year)

and so, is it just me, or does your day kinda unfold into possible blog senarios now ???

The Macek Collective said...

Hmmm....High school girls?

Khyle said...

Kel - Yeah, it does. I don't get to post as often as I'd like, but I still am thinking about it anytime anything interesting happens....

TMC - Hey, pervo did you turn in to the Matthew McConaughey character from "Dazed and Confused."