Creative Communication

This weekend was BigBrother's 3rd birthday weekend. It was a long weekend with lots of toys, junk food and activity. More later on that.

So yesterday, the wife and I were napping at about 2 while the kids were asleep. We were awakened by a call, and I had to go downstairs to meet someone at the door. I came right back up, still in a daze, not thinking clearly (ok, not thinking at all). I think I was hazily staring at the TV when DearWife asks me the following question.

"Can I go scrapbook from 4-7? I'll be home to help put the kids to bed."
It took me about 30 seconds to even understand what she said. "Scrapbooking? What day is this? Crap, where are the kids? Oh wait, they're asleep. Ok, now what did she ask? Oh, right."

"Sure, that's ok."

To DearWife, the delay in my response was a sure sign of inner turmoil. She knew I was thinking "Scrapbooking? After this weekend? Is she nuts? She needs to take care of me and the kids. She's so selfish!"

So she pressed me on it. I responded logically. "Hey, I said to go, so go. There's nothing else beyond that. I'm tired, I wasn't thinking straight, that's all."

Needless to say, that didn't cut it with the wife. It was only later that I realized what she was really asking me to say. The good news is that she ended up going scrapbooking, and the kids and I had a great time together.


Kel said...

hmm, intuitive receptors were down eh . . .

Khyle said...

My intuitive receptors barely exist. It's only through repeated gaffes have I learned that what someone says may not be what they mean.

I'm not smart that way.

Kel aka monkeydragon said...

ah, literal message versus meta message stuff . . .

large heavy object applied to forehead with force might help -

MIL said...

I just caught up with the blog after a busy month.
Here are a few words on the current entries and the comments.
1) Discussing controversial or opposing view points with Dear Wife and her husband is futile. Mum is the word.
2)It's only when we grow older that the good influance of teachers and other people becomes evident to us. By then, in most cases, it's too late for the "thanks".
3)A bath and a snuggle is a perfect end to ANY day.
4)Khyle, I'm glad you realize that "what people say may not be what they mean". Try to apply this to me.

Muskyboy said...

MIL is very perceptive.

Khyle said...
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Khyle said...

Musky, you should be careful about identifying with MIL. Your idea of a controversial subject and hers are probably very different.

MIL said...

Thank you Muskyboy!