One of the reasons I'm doing this is to help me remember the little things. So I'm dumping a few.

  • Little Brother can't say yes or no. He says "MA!" for no. His yes is the sound you make after taking your first drink of coffee on a cold morning "Aaah."
  • We have to hide the fruit under kitchen towels. If we don't Little Brother will work himself into a lather asking for bananas. He has never (never) turned down a banana. He's eaten 3 or 4 at once.
  • BigBrother knows what the uvula is. Although at first I told him it was called the epiglottis.
  • BigBrother knows his favorite photographer at Picture People by name.
  • LittleBrother loves reading books. But he only reads 2 pages in each book before getting bored and throwing it.
  • Tonight as we were putting the kids to bed, there was a picture of a duck. BigBrother started talking about this incident from last summer. He remembered it all this time later. Not bad for a 3 year old.
  • I like to misread books to Big Brother. If he's heard the book once before (even months earlier), he usually gets mildy annoyed and promptly corrects me. DearWife's reaction is very similar.
  • BigBrother is completely motivated by being first. You want him upstairs? "I'm going upstairs and I'm going to win." BB: "NO NO, I win first, I win first."
BigBrother gets obsessed with things. When he was barely 2, he was obsessed with the moon and what phase it was in (full, half or crescie - for crescent). Somehow he recently became obsessed with the Titanic. I can't imagine that this is normal for 3 year olds.

But anyway, MIL wrote a story about the Titanic, and included pictures she downloaded. While she was at it, she wrote versions of another near ship wreck in Canada, and a Tex Avery-ish version of Little Red Riding Hood. And as of now, they are by far, his favorite books.

I'm not sure if BigBrother will remember those stories forever. But I will.


Kel said...

good jumble

my mom gave me this blank book to write all those cute sayings in when the girls were younger - and I think I used it as scratch paper by the phone or something - 'cause I was never going to forget what they said, right?


make the jumble a regular feature - you'll appreciate it later

Me, I'm like "Stop singing Alice Cooper at the dinner table" and that is not so cute, you know -

TMC said...

Please write more about ducks. And bananas.