I forgot a couple items in my last post. Big Brother woke up from his nap last week and said "I poop on you." No, he has never stayed up late and watched Conan.

On Saturday, we got outside for 15 minutes and BigBrother was swinging. "This is awesome! JESUS CHRIST this is fun."

One other minor note of victory on my part. Saturday morning, DearWife was putting together one of BigBrother's XMas presents. It's a battery operated...thing...that moves around. It's Thomas, so it has that going for it. But it's very intricate and fragile, and you can't actually play with it. You have to watch it.

So DW (pre-coffee) pulls it out and I make some comment about what a pain in the ass it is. She went into mini-lecture mode about how I was being too negative. You play with the kids on the wooden train all the time this is the same thing.

420 seconds later, she was doing her best not to swear. LittleBrother was destroying said toy faster than she could build it. And BigBrother pushing things, and pulling the little car off the tracks.

"Yeah, I see what you mean."

Since she was pre-coffee, I stopped short of doing a victory dance. I'm pretty sure that was a good idea.


Woodchuck said...

Stopping short on the dance....smart move, very smart move. Word of advise, when your DW says during a firm discussion "I'm trying", do not under any circumstance respond to her "Yes, yes you are very trying". No matter how funny you think you are, it does no go over very well.

Khyle said...

Literally lol.

Isn't it odd that when you say lol, you aren't actually lol?

Kel said...

woodchuck, you would be wise to learn from Khyle - no dancing!

And I was trying!

I mean . . .

if it is funny in YOUR head, probably wise to keep it there

Muskyboy said...

Dammit, I thought your post was going to be about the greatest rock band to ever come out of Canada....but no...

BTW, don't know about you but the first time either of my kids dumped a "jesus christ" on me it was very difficult to keep from laughing. As for Christmas....you go from crappy annoying toys that take for ever to set up to expensive toys that after about two weeks require you to get one for yourself...effectively doubling the price of your Christmas gifts - read IPod (and all required accessories) for the 13 year old followed by IPod (and all required accessories plus some unrequired items) for the 38 year old. Not sure which is worse.

And finally, pre-coffee? I try to be out of the house pre-coffee and time my return at about the time the first pot is finished.

Kel said...

Guess Who, BTO, Neil Young, or are we looking to this century old man? Nickelback, Alanis Morissette

Musky - HELLO, but by 38 you would think you would have learned to find a Starbucks and return holding up the holy grail of caffeine -

and the greatest coffee to come out of Canada is Tim Horten's

Muskyboy said...

You would think that I would have learned by now but I haven't I just go fishing.

Wake up a 4:30 in the morning and say to my wife..

"sex or fishing" and she says "bring a sweater"

Muskyboy said...

TRIUMPH is the best band to ever come out of Canada.....EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Kel said...

Musky! LOL!

My dad fishes - purely a trout and salmon man!

MY DH WW rafts - I don't know what it is with the early mornings and damn cold water - but hey, you guys have fun! Just SO-o glad I'm not cleaning fish!

If you would just wait until about 10 am the answer might be different!

and bring coffee - it can't hurt your odds