Mr. Conductor

I take the train to work and back everyday. Yesterday, I wasn't feeling well and left early. I found myself waiting on the walkway for the train to get in to Union Station. The Conductor walked up.

We made small talk.

"You work for the railroad long?"
"30 years."
"I'd say that's long. Most people don't stay in one job longer than a few years these days. You must still like it huh?"
"I used to like it. Not so much anymore."
"Why is that?"
"Damn Feds putting their nose where it don't belong. I mean, 30 years ago, it was nice with the whole civil rights thing. You know give minorities a chance and whatnot. Be nice to women and such."
"Well, sometimes people think it has to happen right away."
"No, it's gone too far already. It's like the worlds' gone to the ...."

As I was waiting for him to finish his sentence, pondering if he was going to use a racial epithet or derogatory term towards women, someone came up and they started talking. So I never heard the end of it. It stuck in my mind because I had just commented on a post over at TKW that was on a similar subject.


Kel said...

I was looking for a Maya Angelo line about not letting the birds peck away at your nose -

you are probably familiar with the statistics showing that the larger a group observing a crime - beating of a woman, for example - the less likely someone is to react - each persom assuming another will act

It is easier to comment on an injustice or wrongdoing than to take action

I often worry that people think I am crazy, but I have reached that point in my life where I have to throw myself into the action, confront the words in the face - in the hopes of swinging the pendulum, redirecting the force in play

I also commented on TKW, but let it default to monkeydragon as user

TMC said...

It's like the world's gone to The Macek Collective.