Quick story: On Thursday, I put the kids to bed, and started to clean the kitchen. When I was almost done, I had a monster sneeze. Out of BigBrother's monitor I hear "Bless you daddy." That's pretty goddamn cute if you ask me.

BigBrother's fascination with Titanic is reaching....let's say epic proportions. He's now asking about Carpathia (which rescued the Titanic survivors). We play Titanic and Carpathia (I'm both, he's a passenger). He asks what happened to Carpathia. DearWife had little success with Google, but with my handy Wikipedia search bar in Firefox, I found out in about 30 seconds.

As it turned out, it was torpedoed and lost until Clive Cussler found it in the late 90's.

Anyway, I'm planning on taking BigBrother to a White Sox game this year, but he's not quite understanding what that means. "Do you want to go see the White Sox?" "YEAH." Who plays baseball in Chicago?" "THE BEARS!!!"

Oh well, there's time yet.


Woodchuck said...

Kids are so much fun. The things that they will say sometimes. Miss. Manners Police(my youngest one) just says " did you cover your mouth, go wash your hands now".

On second thought, not that cute. I need to go have a talk with her.

Kel said...

OK - so I was just thinking "how dumb was that giving up the baby monitor now that we really need it!"

I mean 12 is like when you really need the monitor - it totally beats hitting "speaker" on the phone and having them find you out when you snort! trying not to laugh as they are having a "serious" discussion with the boyfriend.

White Sox, Red Sox . . .just make sure he matches his belt to his shoes and he'll be fine.

Muskyboy said...

Bears, Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks, it matters not. It's time to teach that boy some important skills that will carry him through his life.....Beer Drinking and scoping chicks!!!!! Good Luck.

Kel said...

Well, if he is going to impress the ladies he had better know his wines . . .

and scope all you want, but a few communication techniques will get him much farther in wife, I mean life

you know Musky is all drinkin beer and freezin his receptors off, Big Bro is obviously destined for greater things ;)